[wp-design] Quick Symphony Impressions

Bryan Veloso bryan at avalonstar.com
Wed Dec 7 16:14:20 GMT 2005

All I gotta say (I really haven't taken a look at it yet), is that  
they really have to learn what colors go on a white background.
Bryan Veloso

On Dec 7, 2005, at 7:26 AM, Michael Heilemann wrote:

> Well I'm not overwhelmed, but it's a nice piece of design. It feels
> very solid, and they really understood KISS.
> I still can't STAND their attitude (behold, symphony. Yeah right!),
> and I think I'll have to blog about that.
> But the search icon, which brings up a search anywhere in the admin is
> nice. As is the 'create new post on date' thingie. In fact, the date
> selector is something WP could really use.
> When you're viewing categories, you select them by selecting the <li>.
> That is _great_. I hate checkboxes. They're so counter-Fitts Law...
> Also it doesn't open up on a dashboard. Which I really like, and which
> I'll take into consideration when I start doing some work on the
> dashboard tonight. Instead, community news are available in another
> tab, along with support and petitions (good idea, is going to be kinda
> interesting to see how they'll follow through on that).
> I hate their tab names. Campfire. Blueprints. Who the hell has ANY
> idea what that is?
> Their settings and options are too spread out. There's no single place
> you can go to quickly access everything, like in WordPress. (Though WP
> could do with some unification on where exactly plugins are supposed
> to throw their options panels).
> File Manager. ++! WP definitely needs this. And it should upload in
> the same elegant way that gmail does it. IMHO.
> I don't know if http://demo.symphony21.com/ is their default template,
> if it is: HURTS MY EYES!
> It's very hard to know what the 'refresh' icon in the top right corner
> does... It just says 'no new information'.
> And that's all I have to say about that. For now.
> --
> Aloha,
> Michael Heilemann
> http://binarybonsai.com
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