[wp-design] Quick Symphony Impressions

Michael Heilemann heilemann at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 15:26:22 GMT 2005

Well I'm not overwhelmed, but it's a nice piece of design. It feels
very solid, and they really understood KISS.

I still can't STAND their attitude (behold, symphony. Yeah right!),
and I think I'll have to blog about that.

But the search icon, which brings up a search anywhere in the admin is
nice. As is the 'create new post on date' thingie. In fact, the date
selector is something WP could really use.

When you're viewing categories, you select them by selecting the <li>.
That is _great_. I hate checkboxes. They're so counter-Fitts Law...

Also it doesn't open up on a dashboard. Which I really like, and which
I'll take into consideration when I start doing some work on the
dashboard tonight. Instead, community news are available in another
tab, along with support and petitions (good idea, is going to be kinda
interesting to see how they'll follow through on that).

I hate their tab names. Campfire. Blueprints. Who the hell has ANY
idea what that is?

Their settings and options are too spread out. There's no single place
you can go to quickly access everything, like in WordPress. (Though WP
could do with some unification on where exactly plugins are supposed
to throw their options panels).

File Manager. ++! WP definitely needs this. And it should upload in
the same elegant way that gmail does it. IMHO.

I don't know if http://demo.symphony21.com/ is their default template,
if it is: HURTS MY EYES!

It's very hard to know what the 'refresh' icon in the top right corner
does... It just says 'no new information'.

And that's all I have to say about that. For now.

Michael Heilemann

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