[theme-reviewers] Why can't theme authors have a second version of a theme?

Tina Ach t4324acharya at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 13:38:59 UTC 2014

Coming down to the actual naming issue, there is a reason why this rule
exists. Even if you are the only one allowed to use the name "Responsive
WHATEVER", I can still come up with a bunch of names that will skirt around
this rule.


None of these names fringe your "assumed" trademark. Who decides where to
draw a line here?

Can of worms? Yes, indeed......


And just to be clear, NO-ONE, I repeat, NO-ONE is policing your "right to
name your theme". Name it Responsive-2 , AS LONG AS ITS NOT HOSTED ON

You have the right and the freedom to name it ANYTHING, but we as a
community have the right to allow/disallow whats done on wordpress.org (+1
to Bryan for mentioning that). And yes, the admins here have been given the
right to make decisions based on what THEY think is best for the community.
They listen to the community and make (and often change) rules for what
goes and what doesnt.

Trent Lapinski <trent at cyberchimps.com> wrote:

Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and dozens of Fortune 500 companies use names
> and numbers for products. Salesforce's latest development platform is
> called Salesforce1.

Yes, and you cal call it Responsive 2, as long as you host it on your own
site like all these other companies do... DUH!!!

Trent Lapinski <trent at cyberchimps.com> wrote:

Actually they are absolutely are refusing to allow us to use the name
> Responsive II. That's how this all got started. They stopped our review and
> told us we can't use the name.

NO THEY ARENT. They are just asking you that IF you want it hosted on
wporg, then either remove earlier theme, or rename the new one. You can do
whatever you want on your own site, just not on wordpress.org

> Emil Uzelac <emil at uzelac.me> wrote:
Have you realized that you are the only one that does this?

And if you read the entire discussion, you will realize that everyone who
took part has sided with the admins. Only ones opposing them are you, Bryan
and Brad - the 3 people with vested  interests. No neutral entity has sided
with your side of the argument.

You can yell the loudest that this is bureaucracy, politics, injustice or
what not, but it seems you are the only one saying that, and the community
doesnt believe you.

So stop being a rebel and behaving like a victim


Bryan, kudos to you for conducting yourself in a dignified and "respectful"
> manner.
> I am afraid I cant say the same about Trent. Call it condescending or
> disrespectful, your conduct has been shameful. And yes, you have behaved
> like a whiny lil girl who wont stop screaming till she gets her ice cream.
> We are all intelligent adults here, so lets not mince words. 'Responsive'
> is a great keyword that a lot of people search for. You got this *generic*
> theme name a long time ago (I dont think this name would have been allowed
> had you released it today).
> Now before you jump on your bandwagon, let me say this, and I hope you pay
> attention: I personally think its great for you that you got this generic
> keyword theme name. We all run businesses at the end of the day, and OPEN
> SOURCE IS NOT ANTI-COMMERCIAL. We all have to pay bills, and I get that.
> But please atleast have the dignity to acknowledge that the reason for
> sticking to the 'responsive' name is A LOT MORE THAN SIMPLE BRANDING ISSUE.
> It is more profitable for you to keep that name. Dead and simple (And
> there is no shame in that btw. EARNING MONEY IS GOOD...)
> and don't worry if anyone else decide to submit the name "Responsive
>> Mobile". I got several other name:
>> "Responsive Z", "Responsive XYZ", or maybe "Responsive 101".
>> if Cyberchimp can use the name "Responsive X" or "Responsive..." then
>> anyone should be able to do the same, right?
>> because theme author/owner can transfer theme to other person/user.
>> that means there should not be a special case to a company/user.
>> because a week later(read: arbitrary time) the can decide to sell the
>> theme and the name to someone else.
>> (like in Responsive).
>> note:
>> I think this is the "can of worms" otto mention in email.
>> -- David.
>>  On Sep 28, 2014 1:10 PM, "David Chandra" <david at shellcreeper.com> wrote:
>>> then, I can take the name "Responsive Mobile", right(?)
>>> thank you!
>>> I'll build the theme today.
>>> and I'll submit it  maybe tomorrow.
>>> David.
>>> On Sep 28, 2014 8:12 AM, "Bryan Hadaway" <bhadaway at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Okay, thank you everyone who participated in debating the issue.
>>>> We'll come up with a new name "Responsive X" - "X" representing a word
>>>> that doesn't conflict with the current naming scheme.
>>>> We can consider the issue resolved and closed, at least for our
>>>> specific ticket.
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