[theme-reviewers] Why can't theme authors have a second version of a theme?

Philip Arthur Moore philip at pressbuild.com
Sat Sep 27 03:38:05 UTC 2014

> I just need someway to communicate that this is the new version of the Responsive theme without breaking millions of websites.

If a different version of a theme will break this many websites, it's
not the same theme. Point blank. Rename it and build the second brand
the same way that you build the first brand.

Let's be clear here: the word "Responsive" is incredibly valuable to
your business. It's not valuable to the admins of the theme
repository, and if they allow Responsive II to be added into the
repository, I will absolutely release a free theme titled Responsive
III or Responsive IV into the repository.

Your business has nothing to do with the repository, to be frank. It's
your job to figure out how to work within the guidelines of the repo,
not the other way around.

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