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Thanks Otto…sounds like a bit of a hassle, so later, I will simply update my user account with the new owner info, hand over the password,  and then they will have to use the GeJay username. 




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No, usernames cannot be changed at all. And moving themes around to other accounts is more than a little bit difficult. Requires manual database intervention. What with other things happening right now, and WCSF coming up, seems unlikely that I'll be able to get to this anytime soon.





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I’m not sure if both of these questions are for the lists here or not, but my site Styled Themes has a new owner, and because there are several free themes in the repository as well one new one in the queue for review, they will be taking over the themes. However, with regards to my WordPress user account at wordpress.org, which is GeJay, is there a way to change this username from GeJay to StyledThemes ? Hopefully this won’t disrupt the free themes currently live (and waiting for review), as well the commercial listing Styled Themes has?


I will later create a new user account for myself, somewhere down the road.




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