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We covered this in your ticket that it would be optimal for you to meet 
that screenshot size. It's always best to continue conversations in 
tickets rather than take them to the mailing list.

I asked you some questions on your ticket so be great to continue the 
conversation there.


On 13/10/2014 17:31, David Chandra wrote:
> simple question to theme reviewer:
> do theme reviewer now start to not approving themes because not doing 
> the recomended even already do all required in guidelines?
> if the theme already pass all the required in the guidelines do theme 
> reviewer need to make theme author to do extra recommended guide?
> example:
> theme is using 640 x 440 screenshot and theme author already explain:
> "about screenshot size:
> the theme use 600x450 px screenshot, which is acceptable. the size 
> 880x660 is "recommended" and nt "required".
> please read:
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development#Screenshot
> https://make.wordpress.org/themes/2013/01/17/clarification-of-screenshot-guidelines/"
> do theme reviewer need to insist that theme need to use 880x660 px 
> screenshot size?
> thank you.
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