[theme-reviewers] Theme submit error (Options Framework)

Devin Price devin at wptheming.com
Thu May 8 15:43:45 UTC 2014

I wanted to respond to @Sandeep's issue with the Options Framework.  I 
recently introduced a filter to allow a little more flexibility with the 
options pages.  This allows people to add a top level page, but the 
default is to put it under the "Appearance Menu" 

Obviously for .org theme review, you would need to use the default and 
and load it under the appearance menu.  I guess there's a couple options:

a)  I could remove the filter and flexibility for the library
b)  The theme check could be altered to still flag for add_menu_page and 
list the requirement of loading options pages under the appearance menu, 
but not deny the upload.


Devin Price

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