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Srikanth Koneru tskk79 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 00:19:22 UTC 2014

lots of photos as the theme is photo centric. 880x660 contributes to size
as well.

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 5:43 AM, Otto <otto at ottodestruct.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 6:29 PM, Devin Price <devin at wptheming.com> wrote:
>> @emil  I just ran imageOptim on the screenshot.  File sizes afterwards
>> were 168k for the .jpg.  538k for the .png.  I think allowing a
>> "screenshot.jpg" would definitely be better in this situation.
> There's a couple of reasons that we're only checking for PNG right now,
> and adding JPG wouldn't be hard, but yikes, what is in this image that
> causes it to be so big?
> PNGs are generally better for computer generated graphics, like the sorts
> of things you'd find in a screenshot of a website. JPGs are lossy and only
> thus make sense for actual photographic images, where the loss isn't nearly
> as noticeable. Also, JPGs perform somewhat worse on lower resolution text,
> like you'd expect to see on a website.
> So, I'm guessing you have a big photo prominent on the theme screenshot
> somewhere. While I'm not against that on the whole, I'd ask whether or not
> having a big photo really showcases the theme well... and also if you have
> proper rights on the image to do that, but just as a safety check, sort of
> thing.
> -Otto
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