[theme-reviewers] Contribution day pack and resources for theme reviews

John Wilson mail at johnwilsononline.com
Fri Jun 20 21:43:50 UTC 2014

Hi Tammie,

I agree. I've only managed a couple of reviews so far and have kind of being winging it as I go along. I've made a couple of errors along the way, part of the learning curve I guess, like closing tickets too soon. Luckily this has been cleared up in recent messages so know what I'm doing now.

I didn't think it was easy to find details of how to get started, the process and the correct format reviews should be delivered when first starting out. I relied (and still do) on Chip's write up from 2011. This said to close the ticket, not mentioning allowing for a developer response, hence my mistake first time around.

I think there's great help out there if you can find it, but an up to date, central hub for the theme review process and some solid guidelines & resources would really help, especially on Contributor days so new theme reviewers can quickly & easily get to grips with the process in the few hours they have together with other reviewers.

Once I have a few more reviews under my belt, I would happily volunteer some of my time to help work on such a resource alongside any other volunteers.

See you at the Manchester WordCamp & contributor day hopefully.


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> On 20 Jun 2014, at 19:29, Tammie Lister <karmatosed at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've now lead a few contribution days for themes and I think one thing that would really help would be some kind of pack and resources. I may be totally off track and not seeing this somewhere, if I am wrong and this exists please let me know as that would be great.
> From what I can see, the information is around it's just in a lot of places.
> Things we may want to have on hand are also a collection of themes people could jump into. Some way that this can happen without a reviewer present. Just thinking out loud, I'm sure there are a number of things we could have ready as a pack for contribution day.
> What do people think of having a resource / section dedicated to this?
> Regards
> Tammie Lister

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