[theme-reviewers] Question: Someone Want to Take Benefit From a'Top Reviewer of the Month'.

Emil Uzelac emil at uzelac.me
Wed Jan 29 21:11:09 UTC 2014

Sounds about right, so where is the problem?

Rewarding to help, allowing multiple people under one username.

On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 3:06 PM, Bryan Hadaway <bhadaway at gmail.com> wrote:

> I understand the frustration from all sides, and everyone has made a good
> point or two, but in my opinion, I think *that*, in and of itself, is
> proof that the incentive program is working.
> After all, even if things have gone from friendly competition to more
> aggressive competition, it's still working. The very point of the incentive
> program is to drive up the number of reviewers and reviewer participation
> and ultimately get more themes live, which in turn is what leads to more
> incentives for WordPress itself making more money and more incentive for
> the WordPress community, more themes. That's all being accomplished,
> whether you take issue with the method or not, that's a fact.
> Half of us on the CyberChimps team were indeed already reviewing themes
> individually well before the incentive program was introduced, but now that
> it has been, we've of course pooled our resources together to try and win.
> "Win" is the key word here, I personally feel like there's no such thing
> as "fair" in competition. The rules have been set, and we're abiding by
> them. Both Otto and Chip have already ruled that it's both ethical and
> allowed for theme shops to compete in the incentive program.
> Hate to disagree with ya boss (@Trent) :P, but I think overall the
> incentive program has done more good than harm... even if/when it's retired
> it will have brought in a lot of interest from theme developers who never
> reviewed before and some of which I bet will stay and continue to volunteer
> after there's no incentive anyways, because they enjoy it and it's a great
> way to stay knowledgeable on theme quality, deprecated code and the like.
> I've actually encouraged the CyberChimps support team, who are the ones
> doing reviews under *cyberchimpscode* to help out in all ticket
> priorities regardless of whether it's going towards the incentive just to
> be overall helpful. I've also carefully instructed them not to ever review
> any of CyberChimps' themes, obvious competitor themes and our own
> individual themes.
> No matter what, I think the program drives positive interest and learning
> in the community overall. As far as review quality, I wholeheartedly agree,
> but I think that's always been an issue even before the program, only a lot
> more people are signing up, hence a larger number of beginner reviewers all
> reviewing at the same time which obviously stands out more.
> Even I'm to blame for some of those bounced approvals because I hadn't
> read http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review in a while and it really
> needs to read top to bottom, not just once, but periodically as things
> change.
> I think despite grievances, we're all learning and getting better as we go
> along. And that's the true spirit of a volunteer-based community like this.
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