[theme-reviewers] Abandoned/Changed Theme Name, Requesting Transfer

Matt Medeiros matt at slocumstudio.com
Fri Apr 18 21:19:17 UTC 2014

I guess if this is how it has to be, than it is what it is.

We did choose the name on purpose and completed our market research before
doing so. We'll resubmit with 'Journal lite' because we've already built
out our marketing and support material with that name in mind. We don't
take marketplace names into consideration, because we don't put ourselves
in that space.

I assume 'Journal lite' will still be acceptable moving forward? If
choosing names similar to others is an issue, that only means we would need
to check on available names before we begin.

Matt Medeiros

Slocum Studio
1167 Russells Mills Road, 2nd Floor
Dartmouth, Massachusetts 02748
studio: 508.441.3131

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