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nan at designpromote.co.uk nan at designpromote.co.uk
Thu Oct 10 11:41:25 UTC 2013

I am developing a travel website based on wordpress to sell travel

There are 3 post_types: travel_route, travel_guide and travel_event, all
are related by categories. For example, when looking at a travel_route,
related travel_guide and travel_event will be shown (by categories).

In later stage, a customer can register and login to make changes on the
travel package and buy it online.

I plan:
1. to use categories to connect 3 post_types;
2. to use comments (Leave a Reply) to exchange information with
3. to use e-commence plugins(wow ecommence or magento?) for online
4. to use wp-login plugins for customers to register and login; (it
could be a duplicate function to e-commence plugins)

I have little experience on e-commence and user roles and capabilities.

Please correct me or advice on my above plan.

Thank you.

ps. it's probably not a right place to post, but I always get useful
advice here before.

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