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Srikanth Koneru tskk79 at gmail.com
Thu May 23 07:02:45 UTC 2013

Isn't options framework a good example for companion plugin?

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 11:03 AM, Bryan Hadaway <bhadaway at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yeah, man, then you know. I'm sure you've had your share of support
> headaches, though perhaps not exactly the same. It comes with the territory
> and you have to refine and filter and narrow it down as best you can to
> avoid people making common mistakes.
> Though one of the golden rules will never change, most people hate to read
> and would rather ask straight out then take the time to search the forums
> or look at the docs, FAQ, whatever.
> You can sticky forum topics, keep changelogs up-to-date and public, send
> out an email blast, post news on the blog, write documentation, both inline
> (within the theme) and more extensively on the site etc etc etc. No matter
> what, inevitably, not everyone will get the memo. Even if you've gotten it
> down to only 10% (uninformed) of your user-base, if you have a huge
> user-base, 10% is still going to be a lot.
> The companion plugin isn't my idea, that's just what I've heard is the
> "industry talk", especially at WordCamps, but it's starting to look like a
> breakdown in communication over what was really, originally discussed. I
> don't know first-hand so that's why I was asking... but if even Chip and
> Otto don't know what I'm talking about, clearly I was misinformed or I
> myself, completely misinterpreted the concept.
> From what I understood, those above all our pay grades don't understand or
> agree with all these popular premium themes (we all know the massively
> popular ones) that are making bank with over-the-top bells and whistle
> option panels built-in. That they want to start pushing for themes to be
> style only with features/options coming packed together as a companion
> plugin. But, that's pretty much everything I've already said, I just don't
> know how to be any more specific than that. Seems pretty straightforward.
> But, I suppose black and white of something that may not exist at all is
> still going to be invisible.
> If it's still confusing, sorry. That's as best as I understand it myself
> if it's even accurate. I would recommend neglecting the info at this point,
> unless someone has a better idea that can inform us?
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