[theme-reviewers] Proposed criteria change for Commercially Supported GPL Themes page

Thomas Scholz thomas.scholz at gmail.com
Sat May 11 11:53:37 UTC 2013

Scott Reilly,

> The proposed additional criteria would be something along these lines:
> * The theme company must have at least one actively maintained theme
> (i.e. updated within at least the last 2 years) in the WordPress.org
> Themes Directory.
> We may even require an update within the last year.
> […]
> Having at least that one theme gives
> people insight into their code quality and the quality of support they
> provide for it.

The support might be an issue: If you offer professional support, you have  
set up a solution probably that is tightly integrated with an internal  
ticket system. So it should/must be allowed to use the pro support tools  
(maybe free) that are in place and working already on the site of the  
theme foundry.

I think some clarification about this point would be useful. A requirement  
to use the wordpress.org forum would be a little bit counter-productive.  
On the other hand, users might expect that.


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