[theme-reviewers] FW: First Review And Subsequent Reviews

Zulfikar Nore zulfikarnore at live.com
Thu Mar 21 19:42:56 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I seem to be at a loss and hope you guys can clarify some things on theme review process.

 question that's bothering me is...From submission to first review it 
can take a while before the theme is picked up (owned), reviewed and 
either approved or rejected - this part I understand as all work is done
 by volunteers, but what is or should be the average time scale?

 a theme is Not-Approved my understanding is that if the theme is 
re-submitted with in two days (I believe but correct me if I'm wrong) 
the theme is given priority over "new" submissions - again the question 
arise as to what is the time scale and does this apply to the 
Not-Approved themes submitted after in in terms of priority?

 a question on time scale - Once a theme has been approved, how long 
does it takes or should take for it to appear in the download section?

 reasons for asking is so that I can better plan my release 
announcements to keep my end users better informed and your responses 
will be greatly appreciated. Secondly, I had a theme approved then 
subsequently unapproved and removed (without notice!) which I then 
re-submitted. This theme was picked up (owned) and approved before a 
previous re-submitted theme - not that I am complaining but I kinda of 
got lost on the priority issues here. In addition to the above time 
scale questions, the theme in question was approved 6 days ago but is 
yet to be available for download :-$

Thank you in advance for any clarifications you may offer as it will me better plan for the future.


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