[theme-reviewers] Is there a safe theme-name list?

Ünsal Korkmaz unsalkorkmaz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 15:58:41 UTC 2013

While i am preparing to write a guide about child themes, i see hardest
part is choosing an example name.
For example when i check http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/ there is no
"example" or "skeleton" theme.
But i am not sure if there will be any theme with "example" or "skeleton"
name in future.
Is there a safe name list that i can be sure there will never be those
names in wordpress.org?

And while i see this solution for excluding theme from update check:
Its not working when theme is not activated.
So if someone named his child theme accidently to a theme that published in
wordpress.org, basically wordpress trying to override that theme if
published version is higher.
What is solution in there?
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