[theme-reviewers] Theme Concept and Code Formatting Methodology

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 02:44:06 UTC 2013

Just to clarify, it appears you're primarily referring to my idea about the
WP dev edition, and not specifically the other things I'm discussing. The
WP dev edition was really just a side note/example that I've long-since
realized is never going to happen, oh well, not a big deal.

In any case, you misunderstood anyways. WordPress as a whole is a business
and I understand that. As far as I understood it, prefixing everything was
a precaution/not a branding technique anyways unless you're saying, no it
really is?

White-labeling is about user-friendliness, not losing your name
recognition. I don't see WordPress losing its name or power by allowing
login.php instead of wp-login.php. Anyways, again... this is a very much
side topic.

The discussion I primarily want to open up is "Theme Concept and Code
Formatting Methodology" and how other theme designers/developers hope users
will utilize your themes or perhaps you don't care at all? That's what I'm
curious about if anyone would like to share.
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