[theme-reviewers] Denied From Commercial List

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 20:26:18 UTC 2013

I agree that just selling a theme doesn't make you a shop, that's what
ThemeForest is for. What makes a theme shop is a dedicated official branded
company website (generally one that has actually been LLC'd or
incorporated) with a product, demo, documentation and professional customer
support where users/customers can maintain an account, which is what the
criteria is for, which I've met.

My only problem with the hidden criteria that caused me to be excluded is
that it hasn't been scrutinized to others (and generally doesn't seem to
hold water):

- Only 1 theme, others listed only have one theme
- Not established (if this applies), besides that being a relative term,
the free version of my theme is coming up on 40k downloads, is on page 4 of
most popular themes out of 114 pages and the official website is PageRank
5. Half of the others listed are also unknown, new or not household names
yet, which is rare for any theme shop, respectively.

Please understand, I'm not not arguing with you. I understand that there's
more of a human element to this, maybe if I had 5 themes and was hugely
established (years in), maybe I still wouldn't get on the list. I've
already accepted I'm not going to get on the list at this time, period.
That's fine, not the end of the world, but I still wanted to raise these
issues for conversation's sake and hopes that the criteria will be made
more clear so others don't waste their time.

With that, there's really nothing left to say, I think that concludes this
topic. Thanks for discussing everyone.
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