[theme-reviewers] Theme URI/Author URI Question

Abhik Biswas abhik at itsabhik.com
Tue Mar 5 08:16:47 UTC 2013

Got my theme *not-approved* and two of the few reasons are:

1. Author URI is an internet marketing site, not a *personal* site
2. Author URI/Theme URI site promotes Thesis, which is a non-GPL-compatible
WordPress Theme

Well, I am fine with that. However, I do have a question on this. May be
that have been discussed a lot of times but I can't find it anywhere.

I have a store that have both paid and free themes (and plugins). All of
them are 100% GPL compatible (including the bundles resources).

May I use the home url as Author URI and the url where the theme is listed
(in case of a paid theme, a buy now button is there along with a button to
download the free version) as the Theme URI?

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