[theme-reviewers] Is a page builder plugin territory?

Edward Caissie edward.caissie at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 02:03:14 UTC 2013

I finally made time to look at that video ...

First off ... very cool!

Now, as far as theme versus plugin ... I can see it either way. The
key point being what happens to the content of the "page builder"
pages when/if the end-user switches themes?

If it degrades "gracefully" so the page content is still functionally
displayable then I would be willing to consider it as a theme
That you are willing to (also?) release a plugin to recreate this
functionality in other themes actually could argue against this
"feature" being included but I am willing to see it considered as a
"special" case due to the uniqueness of the functionality you are
offering within this theme (and future different theme releases to the

I want to see this as an innovation ... and innovation is good!

Edward Caissie
aka Cais.

On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 2:18 AM, Greg Priday <greg at siteorigin.com> wrote:
> Over the past few months I've built a page builder for my free themes.
> It lets you create page layouts using resizable columns and widgets.
> Here's a short video I created describing the builder.
> https://vimeo.com/user3187291/review/59561067/35cb26b775
> Based on a thread from yesterday, I have the feeling this might be
> plugin territory. Would I need to pull this functionality out of my
> themes and into a plugin?
> With the way I've built the plugin it's fairly generic, so could work
> with just about any theme. I'd be happy to put in the time to break it
> off into its own plugin. Just though I'd get the official word first
> because it will delay the release of a few of my themes.
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