[theme-reviewers] Question about removing default widgets

Thomas Scholz thomas.scholz at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 00:55:49 UTC 2013


> Yeah, that's no good.
> Instead, he should add his own widgets, and they should all have the
> Theme's name in them. This clues people in that if they switch the
> theme, those widgets go away.

But what happens when the replacement does almost the same work, and the  
old widget continues working after a theme switch?

Basic example:

A widget for a custom menu with an option to select a specific  
presentation (with description, icons, whatever).
When the theme is disabled, the old, built-in widget will use the same  
setup, just the presentation will go away.

No harm done.

But if you keep both versions available, users will be confused with items  
that are too similar, some will use the wrong widget, and the “Available  
Widgets” box will be cluttered. The widget management screen is already  
hard to use, especially on smaller screens when you have to scroll during  
dragging. The requirement not to replace widgets that they continue to  
work after theme deactivation could introduce serious accessibility  

I think the requirement should be: IF you replace native widgets the  
settings MUST still work after theme deactivation.


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