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Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 19:45:21 UTC 2013

Clarification is still being missed.

Whenever someone says that it'll take 7 days for the theme to go live,
they're neither saying that they'll purposely wait that long as a policy OR
that it somehow takes the system that long to propagate. I don't see how
someone could be mislead to think that.

What's being said is that at this time it's currently taking about 7 days
queue wait before the volunteer admins are able to get to clearing it out
and pushing it live. That's accurate, appropriate and friendly.

Expectations are important, telling theme authors that it'll just be a few
days isn't accurate and will only cause them to email the list again when
that doesn't happen.

7 days is the realistic wait time (most of us know that from experience),
how is being honest and transparent ever a bad idea? The problem has
NOTHING to do with the notices admins give, the problem lies in ongoing
ignorance and impatience in our theme community.

I believe Chip or Emil already mentioned it and I also see the same
problems in some of the forums I manage. People really don't understand
that the show is mostly run by UNPAID volunteers, that's people that have
day jobs, family and a life that help out in their free time. It is not
their job or obligation. I constantly seem to surprise people with this
information and their tone get's a lot friendlier with that understanding.

Controlling expectations is probably the most important thing and the
admins do that well and appropriately already.
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