[theme-reviewers] Windows 8/RT + IE10 Drop Down Menu Solution?

Bruce Wampler weavertheme at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 22:45:31 UTC 2013

I've recently been getting user feedback that the "standard" CSS drop-down
menus in my theme don't work on Windows 8/RT with IE10. These are the
typical CSS drop-down menus probably used by most WordPress themes (with
minor variations - but they mostly use the same CSS basics).

After some research, this problem exists because Microsoft is adamant about
keeping IE10 "standards compliant", and not using the trickery used by
other browser on touch devices. The problem affects many millions of web
sites, and Microsoft expects them all to fix their sites to be IE 10
compliant. So be it.

Win RT may or may not get more than a few percentage points of market
share, but this seems like a problem we all have here. After many hours of
searching, I can't find any actual, easy solution to this problem: making
the standard CSS drop-down menus so many of our themes use work with
Windows 8/RT and IE10 on touch screens. I was hoping for a JavaScript
solution, or some easy CSS tweak, but I certainly can't find one.

Has anyone solved this for the typical WordPress theme CSS menu? It would
help us all if we had an easy, common solution to this problem. Maybe even
get it added to core WP? This would help tons of users and theme developers.

I'd be happy to move this discussion to a better place if there is one.

Bruce Wampler
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