[theme-reviewers] Webmaster Tools IDs - plugin territory?

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Tue Jul 16 15:39:42 UTC 2013

There was no attack there.   He provided his credentials saying it was his job first.

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Argue the guidelines all you want, but personal attacks against Theme Review Team volunteers and other contributors to this list is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Impressiveness of personal credentials is not a criterion for contributing to the Theme Review Team. Respect, however, is.

On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 11:27 AM, Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) <philip at frumph.net> wrote:

  Congratulations on earning a living in this.   There are upwards of the several millions of WordPress users in the world and there are a handful of posts on the forums, less then that.   This is not an issue that necessitates a requirement.

  Having the core team make the ‘discussion’ tab in the screen options on by default would alleviate most emails I get;  must get at least 20 a week from that – when it first was changed I got hundreds.

  I assume this is you dane?  http://danemorganmedia.com/  nice site.  Or maybe your blogspot site that was updated last in 2010?    Or is it Rebel where you get your jobs from?   .. a company that offers SEO, fun – at least it’s not spamming it.

  http://profiles.wordpress.org/dane-morgan/  This you as well?  you answered or commented on 11 posts and nothing recent; help me out here – what do you know of the forum and the questions asked there?

  Me?  I get asked to conventions to speak.   I have more then a dozen celebrity sites which includes a comic for Shaq  http://hoopfighter.com/ amongst them.   Tens of thousands of sites use my themes.     I have a B/S business, MS in I/O Psychology from SDSU (was business organizational back then) – I have worked for fortune 50 companies streamlining their services and allowing them to provide more for their products with less overhead;   Until I got cancer and had half of my lung removed.   Now I work with WordPress.

  http://www.talltaleradio.com/   Posted today a podcast that I was asked to be on.   http://www.webcastbeacon.com/webcomic-235-interview-with-philip-hofer-aka-frumph-of-comicpress/ past one. 

  Give me a break.   There is no good reason to make it a requirement for previous themes that have anything of a feature that are being said that should currently not be allowed.    There isn’t an ‘epidemic’ or a continuous problem.   It’s all made up to make it sound like it’s worse then it is.

  Emil wrote some good points, make it a recommendation for previous repo themes and required for new.   This is not a problem; most everyone is going to remove it including myself within due time – but to make it a strict requirement for all is based on falsehoods and egoist attitudes and I foresee the problems will be a hundred fold for end users who then ask why isn’t google updating?  when they used to the analytics code it in their theme.   So ya know?  end users yeah, them, why don’t you show how you give a care about them ya.  You say you do but you don’t.

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  On 2013-07-16 09:34, Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) wrote:

    Also I just checked the forums again, in the last 6 years there were less then a handful total and none of them were due to shortcodes or plugin content that one theme had that another didn’t, although there was one was a custom post type issue but was easily explained and the end user got it working almost immediately.  If you know of any specific ones, please speak up.


  People do not hire me saying I uninstalled NotsoAwesome Theme last week and installed PrettyNeat NewTheme and my [coolbutton color=red link=http://amazon.com/myaffiliatelink] shortcode quit working.

  They say, all my links disappeared.

  They don't say "I think the Google analytics shortcode stopped working when i changed from my old theme to my new theme last week."

  they say "Why did WordPress stop sending data to Google Analytics last month."

  You are asking the wrong questions because that is the only way to get the answer you want.

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