[theme-reviewers] Webmaster Tools IDs - plugin territory?

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Mon Jul 15 15:18:15 UTC 2013

End users have lived with it so far, there haven’t been any major complaints or suggestions on the forums to say the contrary.   I believe you are over emphasizing the severity.

There are people including myself that do not agree with this and you personally are not listening to the community.  Which makes things difficult because you apparently have no one to answer to.   Last I checked Emil was lead at the moment and you are not.   When the community itself or members thereof do not like the results that are happening there needs to be someone that can be talked with that can mediate the situation and make a determination.

It would behoove you to not be as adamant as you are.   Consider a compromise then, most of our ‘concerns’ with the myself and others who have had themes on the repo for a predominate amount of time would not like to see our end users have the headache that it will cause to add an additional plugin.   Hostings like 1and1 and some others are very limited with their memory usage; so consider making it so that all NEW themes as a requirement to not include said plugin territory options and things in priority 1 should be a bit more lenient in reviewing updates.

I am already maxed out in tech support as it is where I do not have time nor the inclination to sit here and worry about 20,000+ people who are going to be emailing me or adding post after post on the forums concerning a new update which destroys their site.    Currently I already point them to the github instead of the repo.   I am positive that the repo was there for theme’s to be able to be stored and able to be a helpful tool for the end user and not a hindrance.

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  Those when switching to one theme or another will have some things no longer work – and that is fine.  There are plenty of ways, avenues and programming that you can take to include those features into the theme you switch to.

I disagree with "and that is fine." Most end users aren't developers, and won't have the skills or desire to take advantage of the "plenty of ways, avenues and programming" to add missing functionality to their new Theme.

The single most important party in this consideration is not the Theme developer, or the Theme reviewers, but rather the Theme's end users. 

  The BIGGEST idea about that the don’t-worry-about-it group’s main objective is to make the theme review process easier and faster to get through.   The biggest thing that people get hung up on returning day after day to review themes is how time consuming they are to go through.   We also believe that it’s not the theme review team’s responsibility to control that aspect of allowing a theme to have a feature or not, that is up to the core dev’s to make that determination.

The core team has made it the Theme Review Team's responsibility. 

And I disagree that what you're suggesting would make Theme reviews easier. Why would a Theme review be easier if the Theme can include any manner of arbitrary functionality? Allowing functionality that goes beyond presentation of user content just means that much more code that a reviewer has to review, understand, and test. 

  Use all of the plugins, theme unit test and requirements for the backlinks and other things.   Do the cursory views of everything that’s important and move em through the review process. 

That's not sufficient for the end user. Code needs to be secure. Included functionality needs to work properly.I contend that those considerations *are* important to end users. Thus, everything that a Theme indicates that it does needs to be tested during the review process.

The single most important party in this consideration is not the Theme developer, or the Theme reviewers, but rather the Theme's end users.

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