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Yes but see the post :) -when you open an attachment, and click somewhere outside the image, the :focus changes the background color.

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#12707: THEME: Content - 1.0.1
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Comment (by obert):

Replying to [comment:6 poena]:
> I've revised my review above

I am sorry, my question was about 'When viewing attachments, the link to
the parent post has the same color as the background, see image. This
needs to be changed.' because I do not find the same case of the above
screenshot, then I am not sure how to check it in order to fix the CSS
rule. I am using the standard WP's xml test unit suite, is there a page
that I can check in order to see the screenshot's beauvier, please? The
other issues are fixed now. Sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks for
your time.

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