[theme-reviewers] Theme Template

hal-android hasilent00 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 07:49:39 UTC 2013

Dear, all theme reviewers

My name hendro prayitno (amdhas). apologize in advance for my bad
english. Here I would like to ask about the template files as that's
recommended here:

I have created a wordpress theme that I wanted to submit in the
directory. I did hook actions method for all functions of the template

I also saw a brilliant way tha_hook. But I use a simple method of
canvas theme. That way I can make a canvas child theme theme with

I'd love to ask this in the theme reviewers mailing list, I look
forward to ask about this. And finally I decided to ask this.

1. Is the theme that I made would be accepted with only 4 files are required?

Since I have read the Theme is recommended to include:
header.php (via get_header ())
footer.php (via get_footer ())
sidebar.php (via get_sidebar ())

2. Is the hook actions can be received and follow the flow of the theme?

Maybe this question is not important but I really need all of the
answers here. with some inspiration from the answers of further
developing this theme.

Please advise, critique and input.

Once again sorry about my bad inglish.

= Hendro Prayitno =


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