[theme-reviewers] Annotum 1.1 Submission questions

Carl Leubsdorf, Jr. carl at solvitor.com
Mon Jan 21 17:16:50 UTC 2013

Hello Theme Reviewers,

The Annotum Base theme is now at version 1.1 and it's time to update the
WordPress.org version.  I've performed the theme unit tests and review

Both my own tests and the automated tests that occur on upload generate a
number of warnings related to the inclusion of DOMPDF (file operations,
cURL, etc).  This was noted in the initial submission of Annotum Base 1.0
as part of the 'special case' for approval:

Two questions:

1. How can I submit Annotum Base 1.1 if the automated test fails, given the
special circumstances?  Annotum 1.1 makes a large number of improvements as
well as critical bug fixes that are essential to it working properly with
WordPress 3.5.  People can upload/update manually, but since some 144k
people have downloaded from WordPress.org it would be ideal if they could
be notified and update automatically.

2. I understand that child themes are now supported on WordPress.org.  It
would be great if we could make the Annotum Sans child theme available
along with Annotum Base.  How do I do that?

Both themes are available on
https://github.com/Annotum/Annotum/wiki/Downloads and the v1.1 release
notes are at

Thanks very much for any help or advice!


Carl Leubsdorf, Jr.
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