[theme-reviewers] Review-Continuation Tickets, and Reviewing Previous Tickets

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Mon Jan 7 14:11:00 UTC 2013

Good morning reviewers,

Please be sure always to look at the Previous Ticket report for a given
ticket, and check the status of the previous review. Two reasons:

One, we allow the flexibility for a reviewer to use subjective judgement to
close a ticket as "approved" if only minor "required" issues are found, on
the condition that the developer address those "required" issues in the
next revision. Thus, it is imperative that such allowances not fall through
the cracks.

This is especially important for previously approved (Priority #1) tickets,
since such tickets already receive an expedited, diff-only review.

Two, we have a great system in place, that allows a reviewer to hold a
ticket open if only minor issues need to be addressed, such that once a
revision is submitted, the reviewer can continue the current review in the
new ticket. If the previous ticket is still open, the new ticket should be
left for the reviewer of the previous ticket, so that the previous review
may be continued.

I had two such tickets over the weekend: both had previous-ticket
"required" issues that were not addressed. I left the tickets open to allow
for a review continuation. Both developers uploaded revisions, but when I
went in this morning to take the tickets, both had been assigned, reviewed,
and closed. Unfortunately, in both cases, the review failed to indicate
whether previous-ticket "required" issues had been addressed.

Thanks, as always, for all of your contributions!

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