[theme-reviewers] Question about removing default widgets

Josh Pollock jpollock412 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 19:26:16 UTC 2013

Maybe this is a silly first time reviewer question, but I have a question
regarding de-registering the default widgets.
The theme I am reviewing de-registers all default widgets, and replaces
most of them with custom widgets of the same name with better
functionality. This means that if a user is using one of the default widget
before switching themes they disappear or if they are using a multi-widget
that calls one of the default widgets an error is returned. Since not all
of the default widgets are replaced some functionality is lost, for
instance there is no ability to show recent posts using a widget.
I think that this violates this rule:
"The default WordPress widgets should work correctly in all widgetized

Am I right? The de-registering of widgets and registering of new widgets is
noted properly in comments in the theme files. There is no readme.txt.
Could this issue be settled by including a readme with a mention of this?
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