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Emil Uzelac emil at uzelac.me
Sun Dec 22 21:35:00 UTC 2013

Via Plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-wordpress-theme-updates/
Adding Prefix: i.e. MK-Polaris
Bumping the version: Version: 100

I personally always use the prefix for all my clients :)

On Sun, Dec 22, 2013 at 3:27 PM, Morgan Kay <morgan at wpalchemists.com> wrote:

> This might be slightly off-topic for this list.... but I just ran into a
> problem on a client's site that I have seen happen more than once.  The
> client has a custom theme, and the theme's name is "Polaris."  The client
> was being diligent about doing updates on their site, and WordPress told
> them that they needed to update the Polaris theme, so they did.
>  Unfortunately, "Polaris" is also the name of a theme in the WordPress
> theme repository, which has a later version number than the custom theme
> named "Polaris" on the client's website.  So they thought they were
> updating their current theme, when actually they were installing a whole
> new theme which completely broke their site.
> This isn't the first time I have seen this happen.  Apparently WordPress
> only compares the theme name and the version number, and then prompts for
> an update.
> So I have two questions here:
> 1) Is there anything that theme authors who write bespoke themes can do to
> prevent this from happening?  Other than only using really obscure names,
> or giving our themes artificially high version numbers?
> 2) Can we change how WordPress looks for theme updates so that it checks
> Author name or some other required parameters to make sure that it is
> actually the same theme?  (I know - you're going to tell me to fix it
> myself.  I would actually be happy to do that, but there seem to be some
> policy questions involved here, such as whether authors are likely to
> change their author name or URI, and whether these changes would prevent
> themes from being updated when they should.)
> Thanks!
> Morgan.
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