[theme-reviewers] THX38 Meeting #1 Report

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 23:28:10 UTC 2013

*@Josh* - Thanks. I don't think I'll have time/interest in joining the
project directly, certainly won't be able to make any meetings, but I
definitely have input for the project:

And read my comment below if for some reason it's held for moderation on
the Make post. Anyways, you mentioned before you might be will to push my
ideas in a meeting for me at some point. If you or someone else can, please
do. Thanks

"*Hey guys, I've been pushing suggestions for theme browsing improvements
for a while now, even well before this project existed. It's actually a
bigger problem than just for end-users, but also for theme authors as well
for far too long.

Even if I wanted to officially join the project I wouldn't really be able
to make the meetings anyways, so I'll lay down my ideas and if anyone that
can actually do anything about them that also finds my points to be valid
wants to carry that torch into a future meeting, please do.

1. Theme descriptions are just big, plain, hard to read walls of text. This
is neither helpful for users that are reading them or theme authors that
are trying to convey important information. Strangely enough, for a long
time theme descriptions did allow for a limited amount of HTML in order to
distinguish descriptions better and link to docs/info/whatever.

Only a few days ago, when I updated one of my themes, this was still


Now, descriptions appear to have been completed reduced to plain text
essentially destroying the description I created that contained important
links to docs/warnings/support and other useful info for the user. Whoever
made this change has taken a step backward from what you guys are trying to
do, might want to look into that and make sure everyone's on the same page.

Plugins are definitely doing a lot of things right:


Infinitely better description, readme, changelog and so on.

2. Plugin authors are able to sticky important topics in their forums,
theme authors still don't have this permission.

So, I think just looking at the way plugin browsing works would be a great
place to start next after you guys work out the game plan for improving
search tags.

Thanks, Bryan*"
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