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Thanks a lot for the summary.


2013/8/21 Josh Pollock <jpollock412 at gmail.com>

> I attended the first THX38 meeting yesterday and volunteered to keep the
> Theme Review Team in the loop. THX38's goal is to improve the experience of
> browsing and selecting themes both in the theme directory on WordPress.org
> and inside of WordPress itself via themes.php. The main goals we discussed
> potential solutions for were making searching and displaying the results of
> those searches in both locations more useful.
> There was a fair amount of discussion about filtering results based on
> theme tags in a more efficient way. Everyone agreed that this will require
> introducing new tags that are more descriptive and more useful to end
> users. This is probably the change that would have the most impact on us as
> theme reviewers. Personally, as a developer and user, I think this would be
> a great change, but as a theme reviewer I worry about adding another highly
> subjective set of judgments to the theme review process. I suggest that we
> consider what this would involve as far as new themes go and adding the
> tags to existing themes in this thread. I will post a link to the thread in
> the discussion on the make UI blog and I summarize it at the next THX38
> meeting. Everyone is also welcome to comment directly on the make UI blog
> or participate in the next meeting.
> We also spent a lot of time discussing what information should be
> available in search results and how it could be better presented. We
> briefly discussed several other theme/ template browsing systems
> (squarespace, tumblr, etc.) and decided to investigate them more before
> next week's meeting. There was also discussion of the feasibility of live
> previewing the themes returned by a search like on Tumblr, but with the
> current site's data instead of with stock data like Tumblr does.
> You can read a report of the meeting at from the team leader at:
> http://make.wordpress.org/ui/2013/08/20/thx38-first-meeting-summary/
> The next meeting will be held in #wordpress-core-plugins on Tuesday,
> August 27, 2013 14:00 UTC-4, which is 2PM eastern/ 11AM Pacific.
> The development itself will be happening in this plugin:
> http://wordpress.org/plugins/thx38/ Please note that all it does
> currently is break themes.php, but you may wish to follow the development
> in svn or check it out as updates occur.
> Please let me know if anything needs clarified or if I can answer any
> questions. Also please let me know if there are any other issues that you
> think should be part of this re-design process.
> -Josh
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