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Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 03:01:44 UTC 2012

Sorry, I only saw this last email (before the others):
*"*A little tolerance towards people with differing views is not too much
to ask in this age, is it?

Agreeing, disagreeing, expressing concern is part of discussion, no need to
be rude about it. *"

Which is what I just responded to directly.

For the other follow ups, yes I see the big picture and have read every
single response, though clearly we're seeing a different picture
altogether. No, I'm not going to follow up on this person's site. That is
what I'm saying is wrong to begin with, no one should be. Clearly some
people agree with me and some don't, that's fine... it's looking like we're
going 50/50 on this one, can't agree on everything.

Let me put it this way and then I think I've really run my course on what
my feelings are on the subject. Some of you may not even know this, *these
conversations ARE NOT private*. They are very much public:


Although I do not morally/ethically agree with the extent of "research"
you're putting into the matter (I think it's overstepping and
over-analyzing for what a theme reviewer should be doing in general), now
we're talking legal ground. We're talking defamation of character, trust
me, I know what I'm talking about. I'm not being hyperbolic here. Clearly
this person will likely never find out that they, their theme and there
website are all up for public debate to whether they're a spammer or not.
That's called integrity.

Feel however you wish to feel about that, but I don't like it and you're
not going to change my mind. I'm sharing my feelings on this subject, not
throwing punches. Like I said, we've moved into "beating horse" territory.
If anyone has anything remaining that they would like to say directly to me
I'll be happy to respond, otherwise I'm exiting this conversation as it's
become moot and off-topic.

As for theme reviewing, I just moved to a new state, working on my car,
juggling all sorts of personal business endeavors as well as my day job
yadda yadda yadda (and taking it easy on the weekends, I have no shame
about that). In any case I like theme reviewing, I'm a geek, it's fun as
I'm sure it is for others in your own geeky way. I might have time for
email replies, but not for reviewing at the moment. Once I get settled in
and my million and one more important errands taken care of I'll be back at

"*You disagreeing or criticizing is not the problem. Its the stfu tone in
your previous email.*" - You can't read tone in text, no one can. Assuming
tone is what causes misunderstandings (I've managed to do that myself -
but, you learn from it and become a better professional). Again, it's what *
you're* reading into it, unless I'm actually name calling or telling you to
shut up (which isn't ever going to happen), psychologically speaking, you
manifest and interpret the meaning and tone in my words which I'm telling
you is not accurate. In any case I've exhausted my stance on the subject as
clearly as possible.

I don't apologize for anything I've said here, honestly I'm pretty sure
half of you don't like me anyways (oh well), but if you took offense, no
offense intended. What more can I say?

Thanks, Bryan

Bryan Phillip Hadaway

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