[theme-reviewers] Proposed WordPress 3.4 Guidelines Revisions

Bruce Wampler weavertheme at gmail.com
Tue May 8 20:07:56 UTC 2012

Looked at then new additions, and Yay! I'm pretty sure there is nothing my
new 3.4 compatible version will fail, except, perhaps:

...  including no inline styles in the Theme template ...


So, does Theme template mean the user side page templates, or everything,
including admin side?

My admin side has lots and lots of text, including help text and other
information that has plenty of style= rules so that my admin stuff looks
nice. There is so much text that I don't think there ever will be
translations out of English, so none of the admin side is wrapped in

For me, it is an issue of just creating the interface text on the fly
productively. So, should I through and add a bunch of arbitrary
class="mytheme-zz01" rules and add them to the admin style sheet, or will
there be more flexibility for the admin side? Seems sort of pointless -
other than I guess reviewers wouldn't be able to do global searches for
"style=". (on the opposite side, that will really make a huge diff report
from the previous version...)

Any know of a way to automate that for PHP code (not just html)? Just want
to get this right.


Bruce Wampler
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