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Emil Uzelac emil at themeid.com
Thu May 3 23:20:37 UTC 2012

Hey Reviewers,

As I was going over some reviews I am seeing that some of us are not
catching some of the obvious "issues" with the Themes.

- Theme/Author URL: please click on them please, not only that some will be
SPAM but also to see if the site even exist. When I clicked on one today
the domain name was not even registered
- jQuery: Only WordPress bundled can be used, nothing else, this is clearly
marked in Theme Review guides http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review
- jQuery Functions: Must be within a e.g. js/example.js not embedded in
Theme directly
- CSS Styles: <div style="background:#000;"> that's not accepted

Trac is pretty cleaned out, there's not too many Themes in it and thanks
all for that, however we're not competing who will review more Themes.
Something so obvious will need to be addressed first time around and in
some cases I've seen that they were not reported in couple of reviews.

No big deal, it would be nice to pay more attention to what we are looking
at that's all.

P.S. Create a plan and use that plan when reviewing Themes. I would take a
Theme and start with some simple stuff such as header.php > index.php >
footer.php than functions.php and sometimes there would be more than enough
required items (preliminary review only) that I would not even install a
Theme, SVN can tell you plenty. But that's just me.

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