[theme-reviewers] Why the double standards and why Pagelines gets special treatment?

Satish Gandham satish.iitg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 10:10:52 UTC 2012

could you please answer the following

1.Why the pagelines theme needs a top level menu, how is it important for
the functioning of the theme?
2.Why are they allowed to insert their fav icon by default?
3.My theme was rejeted because the footer link title said "free wordpress
themes", and yet you allow them to insert their logo in the footer and
dilute the brand value the the users site.
4.They replace the worpdress logo with their logo (without user consent),
and yet they get a place in the repository and in the featured list.
5.What is the reason behind not allowing hot linking of images in themes?
And how the harm done by hot linking images is negated in pagelines theme?
5.Their terms clearly violates GPL terms, yet you do nothing about it, and
when it comes to my theme you suspend it without enough time to comply.
Even after i made the changes to my TOS and notified you, you dint add it

Satish Gandham
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