[theme-reviewers] Why the double standards and why Pagelines gets special treatment?

yulian yordanov yul.yordanov at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 15:43:44 UTC 2012

I think you are trying to treat one special case like a common theme. It's
an exception, not the rule-maker.


На 25 март 2012, 18:04, Satish Gandham <satish.iitg at gmail.com> написа:

> @Simon Prosser
> It would make a lot of things clear if you answer all the questions i
> asked rather than picking one and ridiculing it.
> When other themes cannot hotlink images why should your theme get an
> exception?
> More over the special consideration was only for top-level menu as you
> said previously  (Which you never clarified why you need a top level menu)
> ********The only issue was the menu, permission was asked, considered then
> granted by the admins ( not me i may add )*******
> @theme admins
> Can you please explain the reason behind this rule
> *******Themes are required to include within the Theme all images,
> scripts, and other bundled resources. Such resources must not be
> "hotlinked" from a third-party site.*******
> When Simon Prosser is violating so many theme review guidelines in his
> theme, (the most serious one being the replacement of wordpress logo on wp
> login page with theirs), how can he be the theme admin?
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