[theme-reviewers] tracking code in themes

Thomas Scholz thomas.scholz at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 21:36:47 UTC 2012

Trent Lapinski,

> There is no data being taken from the user that is being used without  
> their consent.
> These are PUBLICLY available websites, anyone can go to these websites  
> because they are live on the internet and view their stylesheets and see  
> the version number of the the theme they are using, or count the number  
> of posts they have. This is not USER data, these are publicly available  
> analytics.

Sorry, that’s wrong. About 30% of the sites I manage are not public. And  
the real number of posts is not so easy visible on many sites.

> There is nothing to consent to, just like there is nothing to consent to  
> every time you view any website on the internet that has analytic  
> software of any kind.

In German laws there is. And there are many other countries with strict  
privacy laws.


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