[theme-reviewers] Forum for Theme Programmers?

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Mon Jul 23 16:11:40 UTC 2012

I would recommend StackExchange.

For WordPress-specific issues, http://wordpress.stackexchange.com is a
great resource. For general web development, there's
http://webmasters.stackexchange.com/. And for general PHP/SQL/etc. there's

And I agree: the mail-list isn't always the best medium for
discussion/exchange of the kinds of topics you reference. That's why I've
mostly stayed out of the responsive-design discussions. :)



On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 11:00 AM, Bruce Wampler <weavertheme at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hey all -
> There have been some interesting issues discussed in the latest Theme Unit
> Test Data topic.
> Just for example, some of the stuff on responsive design - shrinking and
> hiding vs. stacking vs. grid frameworks. I think there are many of us who
> could contribute both tips and design ideas to how to apply all this to WP
> themes.
> This is just one example of all the knowledge that could be shared - but I
> don't think this newsgroup format is optimal.  Maybe I've just not found
> the right place, but I think it would really great if there were a BB/Forum
> available devoted to WP add-on developers. I'd be most interested in
> themes, but there are a lot of shared issues with plugins.
> This group rightly concentrates on the theme approval process, but I'd
> really like a similar place to share and learn about important programming
> conventions and even "tricks" for using all the features of WP efficiently,
> correctly, and even as "cool" features in our themes.
> I've looked pretty hard, and I can't find any currently active forum
> devoted to developing themes/plugins for WP.
> I think it would be great if WordPress.org could host such a forum. I
> suppose it could be a resource issue - specifically the need for admins and
> moderators - not a small issue. But I think it would be a great resource
> and result in better themes for all, and I'd volunteer to be a moderator if
> that might help get it going.
> But barring that, then perhaps there could be more traffic here devoted to
> some issues. I'd really like a bit more follow up on just how others are
> doing responsive design. I have my own ideas, and I think they are a bit
> different than Emil's. And I don't think there is one best practice on this
> issue. A devoted forum would be ideal, but perhaps this is the right place?
> Bruce Wampler
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