[theme-reviewers] Forum for Theme Programmers?

Bruce Wampler weavertheme at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 16:00:43 UTC 2012

Hey all -

There have been some interesting issues discussed in the latest Theme Unit
Test Data topic.

Just for example, some of the stuff on responsive design - shrinking and
hiding vs. stacking vs. grid frameworks. I think there are many of us who
could contribute both tips and design ideas to how to apply all this to WP

This is just one example of all the knowledge that could be shared - but I
don't think this newsgroup format is optimal.  Maybe I've just not found
the right place, but I think it would really great if there were a BB/Forum
available devoted to WP add-on developers. I'd be most interested in
themes, but there are a lot of shared issues with plugins.

This group rightly concentrates on the theme approval process, but I'd
really like a similar place to share and learn about important programming
conventions and even "tricks" for using all the features of WP efficiently,
correctly, and even as "cool" features in our themes.

I've looked pretty hard, and I can't find any currently active forum
devoted to developing themes/plugins for WP.

I think it would be great if WordPress.org could host such a forum. I
suppose it could be a resource issue - specifically the need for admins and
moderators - not a small issue. But I think it would be a great resource
and result in better themes for all, and I'd volunteer to be a moderator if
that might help get it going.

But barring that, then perhaps there could be more traffic here devoted to
some issues. I'd really like a bit more follow up on just how others are
doing responsive design. I have my own ideas, and I think they are a bit
different than Emil's. And I don't think there is one best practice on this
issue. A devoted forum would be ideal, but perhaps this is the right place?

Bruce Wampler
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