[theme-reviewers] Is this now a requirement for submitted themes?

Konstantin Obenland konstantin at obenland.it
Tue Jul 3 07:00:38 UTC 2012

Hi Mel,

it is true, this is a requirement for Themes in the repository.

The reason the last reviewer (read: I ;) ) didn't pick up the wp_title() issue is that on previously approved Themes we generally only perform a review based on the diff to the previous version. But once we see something like this in the diff, we point it out for correction in the next revision and (if the issue is not very severe) still approve the current version.

Your Theme was first approved almost two years ago and a lot has changed since then. If you want to stay on top of all changes, you might want to check out the Theme Review Codex page regularly and/or weigh in on the discussions we have on make.wordpress.org/themes for new and changing requirements. Theme developer feedback is always welcome and highly encouraged!


On 03.07.2012, at 00:33, esmi at quirm dot net wrote:

> I was doing a little light revision reading over the weekend & came across this:
> [quote]
> The wp_title() function should not be used by a theme in conjunction with other strings or functions (like concocting with bloginfo('name') ) to set the title because it will render plugins unable to rewrite page titles correctly. The best practice is to use the wp_title filter with a callback function. This method is now a requirement for themes.
> [/quote]
> <http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_title>
> Only about 2 days before I submitted an updated theme that has since been approved. It (incorrectly) used get_bloginfo() with wp_title(). It was approved.
> Now I'm not saying that this was, in any way, the reviewer's fault but I am a little confused as to whether it is a requirement or not. It's not being picked up by the Theme Check plugin or (obviously) the version of the plugin that parses submitted themes.
> I'm now using the (hopefully) correct approach (via a filter) in my other themes as I update them but I just thought I should give you a heads-up on this. The approved theme (ZenLite 4.6) hasn't been added to the Theme Repo yet, so I'm quite happy to re-submit a corrected version if necessary.
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