[theme-reviewers] Some stats from the last 90 days

Kirk Wight kwight at kwight.ca
Fri Jan 27 15:02:57 UTC 2012

I crunched a few numbers based on reviews done in the last 90 days. A few
interesting notes:

37 reviewers did 405 reviews in the last 90 days.

Emil Uzelac, Reigning Champion, did a whopping 107 reviews, 26% of all

The five Rock Stars were responsible for 62% of all reviews.

30% of reviewers (the Worker Bees and Rock Stars) did 10 reviews or more,
accounting for 82% of all reviews.

Rock Stars (30+ reviews):

   - emiluzelac (107)
   - chipbennett (43)
   - sabreuse (35)
   - saymar90 (34)
   - SeizedPropaganda (31)

 Worker Bees (10+ reviews):

   - nofearinc (21)
   - garinungkadol (16)
   - mercime (13)
   - kwight (12)
   - mattr123 (11)
   - reviewWP (10)

Clearly, most of the heavy lifting is done by very few... It woud be nice,
as Chip suggested yesterday, if all reviewers could pitch in even a little
bit on a semi-regular basis; it would bring things under control quite
quickly, and spread the load around so that if a Rock Star reduces their
rate (or walks away - a possibility at any time for volunteers), we can
keep rolling.

A final interesting point: approximately the same number of reviewers did
740 reviews in the 90 days previous; that's kick-ass.

I'll commit to 3 reviews a week for now - how about you?
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