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Tom Barrett tcbarrett at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 15:34:49 UTC 2012

Hi folks

I personally find the previous and current wording ambiguous/unclear. Too
many negatives and easily taking out of context. Apologies for stirring
things up, but would this wording help (be acceptable):

- Themes must not provide backward compatibility for out-of-date versions
of WordPress.
 = This includes the use of conditional function_exists() wrappers.
 = Versions are considered out of date if they are 3 versions (or more)
behind the current version. The current version is 3.4 which means version
3.1 is out of date.
- Theme should not support backward compatibility for the version which
will become out of date with the next release. Avoid supporting version 3.2
as it will soon become out of date.

It's easier to track back the meaning of the words?


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