[theme-reviewers] Need Help

Qamar Ashraf life.object at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 16:27:17 UTC 2012

I am currently reviewing a theme, Please help me about,

- Theme is based on Hybrid Core framework.
- Framework is a good choice, but most of the code even in the templates
file is same. An example of header is,

<title><?php hybrid_document_title(); ?></title>

<body class="<?php hybrid_body_class(); ?>">

<div id="branding">
<?php hybrid_site_title(); ?>
<?php hybrid_site_description(); ?>
</div><!-- #branding -->

It is difficult for me to differentiate between hybrid and the current
theme coding. It think it is somewhat modified version of any of Hybrid
themes like Trending ....
So what should be the decision ?

Qamar Ashraf
Project Manager
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