[theme-reviewers] Questions for theme reviewers

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Thu Sep 8 18:50:51 UTC 2011

On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 1:32 PM, Robert Ambartsumov <robert6292 at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. Sanitazation/Validation of data if input has js validation - should there
> be php validation as well (for example if js is disabled)

YES. Always validate the data on the backend, period. Never trust any
input coming from the browser. Standard security rule.

> 2. Theme image logos, are allowed by default to be as a theme name or for
> example with additional theme icon appended to the theme name in the form of
> an image - is this allowed?
> chipbennett said, "I agree: default logo should not be promotional in
> nature" but what does promotional mean?

Promotional as in advertising for your company, or a product, or
anything not directly related to the theme in some way. You'd be
surprised at how people try to sneak advertising spam in... Basically,
the theme shouldn't be a walking billboard for your theme development
company, or for cheap viagra, or anything else by default.

> 3. footer link to the author of the theme, can this link be as an image, and
> the image will be as a small icon or perhaps simply the anchor text of the
> company/site name? or this link must be in pure text? please clarify

A small image, if suitably discreet, might be acceptable. Depends on
the individual case. Different people see different things as "spam".
Realistically, it's hard to imagine a suitable image for that sort of
thing, with maybe the exception of a logo or something.

Any image included must be *in the theme itself*, not pulled from an
external site.

> 4. background wp core functions, if the theme trys to provide additional
> functionality as in the form of pre-defined image patterns that can be
> selected by the user, so can it be integrated NOT by wp core background
> functions ?

The core custom header functions are capable of this, actually, but
the background one is not. This seems like an oversight to me, perhaps
you should make a ticket and try to get core support added for this.

> 5. theme favicon default image is changable in theme options, is this
> allowed?

I don't know of any guideline specifically disallowing it, although I
think this might more realistically be plugin-territory. A person
wouldn't want their favicon to disappear when they changed themes.

> 6. data test for posts with empty title, the post has a read more link that
> is not being generated by wp, this is a custom read more link that can also
> be disabled in theme options, is this enough for this check to pass? (the
> check that posts with empty titles must have a link to the post).

Probably, but I would also expect some more obvious linkage. Maybe a
"Read comments" link or something along those lines? Any way for the
user to see the single post page will do.

> 7. Assuming my themes use advanced widgetized blocks, the entire theme is
> litteraly widgetized in a very advanced way, would I also need to use the
> default wp core functions for widgets or not use them, or use both mine and
> wp core widget functions? the wp core widget functions i think wont be
> enough for this because I plan to create a widget block that inside that
> widget block there will be more widgets so it will be widget 3 layers deep
> kind of.

Widget Inception? Now I think you're just being silly.


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