[theme-reviewers] 3 column theme needed

Patrick tpblogeditor at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 04:31:03 UTC 2011

Hello Gents and Ladies,

I am in need of a theme.

I currently use Suffusion theme, but I am not to happy with it. I used to
use Atahualpa until it developed a bug with sticky posts.

I also do not like Suffusion theme author's attitude; he is a nasty sort,
which will bite your head off in that forum of his.

Here's my question. I would like a simple 3 column forum with widget
support, I'd also like a customizable header.

Atahualpa was perfect, before it got that bug with sticky posts.

My Blog is at:


No comments about Nascar please; I am a Conservative and an unrepentant

I'd like a Red, White and blue theme, as I am an American, a bit of a
nationalist and love my Country.

Care to help?

Thank You and God Bless,

-Charles Patrick Adkins
A active member of the "Bitter and Clingy" coalition
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