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Tony Jansen info at tonyjansen.nl
Wed May 11 23:11:18 UTC 2011

Hi Pseudoxiah,

oEmbed is not working here: http://review.umarov.nl/2008/06/03/post-format-test-video/, while it is working on standard Twenty Ten on the same site. My comment that it is "switched off" may have been too specific. No plugins running on that site apart from debogger and theme-checker.

For the audio player:
I couldn't find a name/type in the license that refers to MIT or that i could lead back to the list of GPL compatible licenses here: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html . As referenced to in the guidelines here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review .

For the fonts:
See the theme review link above under "GPL-Compatible Font Licenses". It doesn't adhere to that list. 

The redirect is being discussed right now as you may have noticed :)

The Gallery mode is faltering on two requirements: proper display of sticky posts and the comments disabled link. 
20/20 hindsight: i may leave such a recommendation about modes out in future reviews. Please bear with me about that one, this was my 2nd review I did.


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#3787: THEME: Minimatica - 1.0
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Comment (by pseudoxiah):

 Hi Tony,

 Thank you for the review.

 I would appreciate if you would look over these observations and of course  any other reviewer input is welcome:

 * oEMbed is working for me, here's a working example:
 What is the exact piece of code you consider is disabling oEmbed? Are you  sure this is not because of your installation or a plugin you have  installed?

 * The audio player is licensed under the MIT license, which is GPL  compatible. In the directory audio-player there is a file license.txt

 * The font Vegur is in the public domain. There is a  file in the fonts  folder that specifically mentions this. Here is the font's home page where  it is specified it is public domain:

 * The custom preview was actually stolen from The Erudite theme which does  the same thing and is in the repository. However, if it is decided this is  not appropriate I will of course leave it default, no problem.

 * The gallery mode set by default is intentional, since this is a  photography theme. As well is leaving out sticky posts. This is all  handled normally in blog mode and the user can choose the preferred mode.
 I can document these things, but I would not switch the default view mode,  since this was the theme's original intention.

 * I would also rather not display the "Comments are closed message"
 because I feel it's cutting on aesthetics, but if it's decided this is a  requirement it will be added.

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