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@Catherine -

Thank you for your interest, but the WordPress Support forums would be a
much better place for you to start this discussion.

Link: http://wordpress.org/support/

This mailing list is more for the use of the WordPress Theme Review Team and
Theme authors to discuss the various aspects of the Theme Review process.


On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 9:45 AM, Catherine Whittier <
whittiercatherine at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Out There,
> Not sure I'm in the right place with my questions. If I'm not, please feel
> free to re-direct me. I have been looking and learning for HOURS on end...
> but could really use a personal tip from a voice of experience now. Can
> anyone give me a few suggestions? Is Wordpress.com the right place for me?
> Can you suggest a theme that will allow me freedom to do the things below? I
> want to blog (of course, MY way :). I don't need to advertise as I will soon
> have be cooperating with others on a separate website for sales, so was
> planning to use the Wordpress.com option.
> I want to be able to do the following things:
> -have up to 7 pages
> -I want to post slide presentations which I have created. These slide
> presentations may contain audio, photo or video, and text. Will I be able to
> move those from my computer to my blog - or will they need to go to YouTube
> first and then be embedded? I have seen slideshare etc. in the Wordpress
> instructions- that format is much simpler than I need. If I do much of that,
> will I need to pay for a space upgrade?
> -I want to have audio files easily accessible to visitors. I want to be
> able to regularly and easily change those. Can they go anywhere in my
> content?
> -I want to create my own "buttons" (widgets?) and load them on to my
> template.
> -I want a clean template that I can use my own banner design on- customize
> my background, change my column width, and use lots of pictures of different
> sizes. I do not know code or html.
> -Can music run continually while my blog is open (with an optional way for
> my visitors to "turn off" the music)?
> Thanks so much for any help or insight you might offer,
> Catherine
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