[theme-reviewers] [Theme Check Plugin] One possible bug and a question

Simon Prosser pross at pross.org.uk
Wed Jul 20 22:14:00 UTC 2011

Mel, can you send me a theme or link to one with localization
problems, so i can test?

On 20 July 2011 23:02, esmi at quirm dot net <esmi at quirm.net> wrote:
> Version 20110602.2
> Possible Bug?
> When the plugin checks for localization of text strings, it seems to be
> stopping at the first issue it finds. In my case, that only meant 1 extra
> string that I'd missed but for a new theme developer, it could get pretty
> frustrating having these drip fed out one at a time.
> Question:
> The checks for .svn files is nice but when you're checking a theme under
> development with debug turned on and just happen to use local svn to version
> your themes, the plugin spits out a shed-load of warnings. No big deal
> really but is there any way they can be suppressed? I'd rather not have to
> prepare an upload svn-less copy of a theme every time I want to check it.
> Mel
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